Andrew Stemple Images | Help - Prints, Products & Tips


I've created a few step-by-step instructions to help with the purchasing of prints and products. I understand that there are many options (size, paper, mediums, framing, glass etc.) that can cause some confusion and I hope that these instructions and slide show will make your visit & purchase an easy & enjoyable experience. If you still have questions after reading this and watching the slide show, please contact me and I'll be happy to answer any additional or unanswered questions.


NAVIGATION & IMAGE SELECTION - My images are featured within Galleries and within those galleries there may be sub-categories or additional galleries that need drilling down into. Start by clicking, "Images & Galleries" from the main landing page,


From here you begin to see the different Galleries ("Nature", "Black & White", "Signature Series" etc.). You can begin to drill down into each of these galleries by simply clicking on one. Let's click on "Nature"

After selecting the "Nature" gallery we see several new galleries ("Landscapes", "Night & Starscapes", "Plantae" and "Wildlife"). Let's click on "Landscapes".

Now we're in the "Landscapes" gallery which currently has over 120 images. These are THUMBNAILS or small previews of the images and so, there are no products listed...just yet. Note the page numbers and "Show All" options at the bottom of the page. You can jump to a specific page or show all of the images listed at once and view them all by scrolling. To see products, you must click on a specific image and enlarge that image.

Once a specific image has been selected, a list of "Featured Products" appears in the bottom right corner. Additional products are available and can be found by scrolling down on this screen and clicking, "View All Products" (not shown in the slide show).


SIZING & PRINT TIPS - Once you've selected your PRINT SIZE (12" x 18", 24" x 36" etc.), you'll need to make sure that the image fits into the size that you've selected. A RED BORDER will appear around your image and will be slightly INSIDE the overall image. This is okay & acceptable. However, you may have selected a size that does NOT fit the original image dimensions (16" x 20" when the image size fits a 12" x 18" [4:5 vs 2:3 aspect ratio] for example). This will cause heavy cropping and the red line will cut off a large portion of the image. IF this occurs, I suggest choosing another image size. DO NOT use the "zoom" option to enlarge the image to fit the size that you've selected. Enlarging the image can degrade its clarity when printed and the end result appears "fuzzy".


MOUNT and FRAME - It's now time to enhance & showcase your print by mounting/matting and framing it. The slide show below outlines the steps for this process. I personally recommend and suggest the "Black Flat" or "Black Curved" frames with either a White or Black mat and always select "Non-Glare" also known as "Museum Quality" glass. This glass reflects very little, if any light eliminating most of the distracting reflections from artificial or natural lighting. This allows an unobstructed view at the art from nearly any angle in the room. Don't be afraid to select a black mat and watch the image "pop". Modern/Industrial fans, try the "White Flat" frame with a black mat for black and white photos.